Success is always in context

It’s a common problem for extremely successful executives to experience failure when something major changes in their context – a new boss, a merger that changes all the rules, a new organizational structure that changes how things get done, a new culture. And yet, the executive may fail to recognize that what has made them successful previously will no longer work and that there’s a need for new strategies and skills.

Reading the grey between the black and white is a highly important competency at all levels but essential in senior spots.  And having the resiliency to give up what is comfortable and has worked and move to the next way of working will fuel future success.

Some things should never change, such as morals, ethics and trustworthiness – those aspects of ourselves that create our internal compass and point true north to others.  But how we work or get things done is not written in stone and our ability to move to new models can be a great asset to us and others.