Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is by far the most effective way for experienced and sophisticated leaders to progress their capabilities. Every executive is different and coaching starts from where the executive is and works forward. It is just-in-time, and engages the organization in the process so that real change can occur. And it relies on an experienced and highly educated resource to guide and direct the leadership change activities.

Why choose Cathy Nunnally as your coach?

Cathy offers battlefield experience as an executive at JPMorgan Chase as well as years of coaching executives from diverse industries. Experience counts because you want a coach who can quickly understand your challenges, your company and the stakeholders you serve and be able to offer strategic, practical and transformational advice.

Your goal should be to work with someone who can jolt you out of where you are to where you want to be through listening closely, asking the right questions, helping you uncover the right insight at the right time and provoking the aha that immediately seems obvious. That ability is at the heart of why Cathy could be the right coach for you.