Team Development

The hardest job for a leader is building a cohesive team. Most leaders are much more adept at effectively leading a group of individuals as opposed to the significant difference in building an aligned and unified team. There is little understanding about how to objectively assess the state of their team, much less how to move multiple people forward in the same direction.

Why choose Cathy Nunnally to help with team development?

As a corporate executive, Cathy has led and been on a myriad of teams with first-hand experience about the potholes and rewards of creating a highly functional team. Coupled with her years of team coaching experience, Cathy has complete clarity about how to help executives change their team from bad to good to great. Because of her commitment to add value, Cathy will only work with teams where the leader is personally engaged in the work and is willing to hold themselves and their team accountable to change.