Mission, Vision and Values

At the cornerstone of every organization’s success is clarity about these principles:

  • What do we do? (Mission)
  • What are our aspirations? (Vision)
  • How do we behave? (Values)
  • Where are we headed? (Strategy)
  • What do we do right now? (Goals)

Nunnally & Company’s Mission, Vision and Values are outlined so that you can understand our purpose and way of interacting with ourselves and others.


We provide leadership development services for executives and their teams that powerfully support their individual growth, the well-being of the people they lead and the organizations they serve.


Our aspiration is to significantly improve leadership clarity, cohesion and competence for those select executives and teams who invest in leadership to create lasting value.  We believe that:

  • People’s lives change for the better when they are well led
  • Organizations thrive when they are well led
  • Leading well is an imperative for those given the honor and responsibility


  1. Mastery – Offer quick discernment and on-point judgment based on broad and deep experiences.  Always learning.
  2. Results-oriented –  Have a plan; move the ball forward; build accountability for all parties; make a difference.
  3. Trustworthiness  – Gain and protect client confidences and the inside view; stay in role; do the right thing.
  4. Courage with compassion – State what needs to be said; understand and value another’s point of view and help them take action.
  5. Lightness of being –   Bring a sense of perspective, a persona of openness and curiosity; enjoy and be engaged in the moment.
  6. Calmness – Emanate depth and clarity: others feel seen and heard.