Confidence Taken Too Far

A core characteristic of those who’ve achieved executive status is confidence in their own judgement which has been finely honed from experiences, most of which have been successful.  To a large degree, this confidence is well-placed and is a seminal reason they are in the job.  However, we’ve all heard the expression, “What got you here, won’t get you there,” and it’s a fine mantra to remember because it is fundamentally true.  Success is always in context and one has to freshly observe the current reality, the new client or employee, the new market conditions.  The apex of personal performance is bringing well-honed experience to the table but always seeking new information and truly listening before formulating judgements.  Otherwise, confidence can evolve into hubris and as a high-level executive, no one may differ with you which is a dangerous place indeed because it reinforces your belief that you are right.